Court System: Application Formats

varies application formats for filling case, if you don’t find your case format here, then don’t hesitated to make your own formatted application.

How this work?

  1. you will post a case on this section.
  2. SAGD will ask for fee and assign government lawyer, who will fight against your lawyer.
  3. you will assign your lawyer into your case personally (basically you do it when you file the case)
  4. Judge will start the hearing, you will get notification on your thread (enable email notification to get it fast)
  5. both lawyer submit there statement to the judge.
  6. Judge will process all the statement and evidence, until all the information related to case it collected.
  7. Judge will give the judgement and close the case
  8. as per judgement, you will have some time to reopen your case, so that you don’t have to file another case for same justice.
  9. management will close the case and lock the thread.
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Your Details

Name: _____
Date: _____
Phone: _____
Email: _____

Lawyer Details

Name: _____
Role/Designation: _____
Phone: _____
Email: _____

Case Details (should be written by lawyer only)

Case type: _____
Objective: _____
Description: _____
Witness List: _____
Attachments: _____


RULE No 1 : Names of all culprits should be mention properly…
RULE No 2 : Will not be accepted without a lawyer.
RULE No 3 : Lawyer fields should be filled by himself only.
RULE No 4 : Lawyer should attach files with clear evidences.
RULE No 5 : Lawyer should not suppress the evidence.

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