Suggestion For Medics

In-game name: Priyanshu_Aggarwal

Suggestion: My suggestion is for medic faction today, as we can see there nothing too much implemented in Medic so am suggesting some things should be added in SAMD so it could create more fun for us…

  • Achievements for Revive patients.

  • A point from factions suggestion: increase in salary of different ranks in a faction

  • Life Insurance giving system in all Hospitals

  • A new system for medics: if patient is in critical condition then medics have to take that patient in ambulance then hospital then revive him there in operation theater

  • Get paid(by patient) if patient doesn’t have insurance. [When insurance system implemented]

  • Addition of health deseases that can be cured in hospital by medics

  • Some civilians efforts, sometimes ambulance get late in reaching patient so civilians can also drop patient to hospital

NOTE: addition of some bots on each hospitals of LS,LV,SF if possible

Most of the features implemented, for now v20 effective. We will reconsider only new suggestions based on v20.