Application Format & Requirements for SAMD (Closed)

Application Format

  • Your In-Game Name:

  • Age:

  • Hometown:

  • In Game Level:

  • Your RP Score:

  • Why should we select you in SAMD?(50 words minimum):

  • Your previous faction(if any)? why you leaved that?:

  • Do you have any history in working with Medical staff?:


  • Must have at least 10 hours played in-game

  • Must have 50 Roleplay Score

  • Must be better in showing your actions in roleplay

  • Must have good knowledge about how medic works

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@Rishi_Kanth @Tenali_Raman You have posted in wrong section, apply for SAMD Applications in only here.
@Tenali_Raman Kindly use correct format for application

  • Your Name:Rishi_Kanth

  • Date of Birth:10.1.2000

  • Sex/Gender: Male

  • Age: 20

  • Hometown: Sivakasi

  • In Game Level: 21

  • Why should we select you in SAMD?: i love medical department i need to be a life saver and I will do my job perfectly

  • Do you have any history in working with Medical staff?:no

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In-game name:Tenali Raman
Rp level:2
Medical staff:I have been a medical staff in 1 year another rp