*Harry_James is laying down on bed at his home, last night was fun for him because he bring a hooker from club
*Harry_James awake and grab a tea of cup for himself and the hooker to as he fucked her too hard last night
*Harry_James take the cup on his hand and then walk to his bed near the girl, which name is Alia
*Harry_James asked Alia if she has any pain but she look at him with a cute smile and put the blanket on over her body
*Harry_James understood that she enjoyed very much, then he sit next to her and start talking to her
*Harry_James asked her that if she want to leave, he will drop her to in his car but what she said next changed everything
*Harry_James did not believe on his ear after listening because she said that she want to go out with him on a road trip
*Harry_James take a deep breath and told her that it’s great, and he is happy to go out with her
*Harry_James stood up and go for bath and while he is in bath something happened, which he did not expected

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