Bank Robbery: guide / requirement

Description: Bank robbery is the most demanded feature, we have implemented a very well organized robbery system for iorp. you can rob multiple banks around map such as world bank.

In order to perform robbery, there should be this requirement fulfilled before:

  • On duty law: 3
  • Robbers: 3
  • Medic: 1
  • Civil: 2

Steps to perform robbery:

  • robbers should go inside bank and initiate robbery from /pocket

Guide for robbers:

  1. first work of robbers to secure hostages and keep them aiming with their mouse
  2. they need hostages to complete robbery otherwise it will fail.
  3. cops will be informed automatically, so robbers have to wait until they reach outside bank.
  4. once cops are outside, robbers can break in locker room and rob the bank.
  5. if cops succeed then robbery will fail. otherwise robbers will take all money in bags.
  6. robbers can leave hostages on there spot after getting money. their new task is to securely bring the robbers who have money bag to their HQ.
  7. if any of player’s who had money get killed then the robbery will fail.
  8. if robbers successfully went to there HQ with all money bags, then robbery will be completed.

Guide for cops:

  1. cops will be informed for robbery automatically.
  2. gather all law officers on duty and reach to bank asap.
  3. once cops are at bank, there job is to secure hostages without getting killed and take down all the robbers.
  4. if robbers succeed to loot bank then cops job is to take them down while they try to leave bank.
  5. even if the robbery is completed, cops has to arrest all the robbers and take the money back from them.

Guide for medic:

  1. heal the hostages or law officers is your first priority.
  2. once the police take down all the robbers, heal them with cops and help them to arrest them.


  1. any player’s who get killed on scene remain on his position and do not try anything. if somehow he get out of scene then he will be punished by admin with punishment such as permanent ban.
  2. if anyone break roleplay rule, will be banned permanently.
  3. if someone found using hacks will be banned permanently.
  4. everyone should be doing roleplay while doing there jobs.
  5. robbery can be performed only one time in one day.


  1. every play who has participated in robbery will get rewards from server owner for performing robbery.
  2. on successful robbery, robbers will get higher amount of reward.
  3. on failed robbery, law will get higher amount of reward.

Thank you - enjoy

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