Android SAMP: Installation

Hi team,

Any news regarding fixes in android platform

There is an bug in this version. I can’t purchase anything from electronic shop. When i click on select the game gets stuck and later game will turn to black screen.
I have a ss… But don’t know how to share here

check the stable version link

Where can i find akash SAMP app

it’s working fine in redmi note 7 pro with 6gb ram, you might have install wrong samp version, We consider to install akash’s samp version. We have already tested in redmi note 7 pro.

Hi developer, the game is getting crashed after updating to this new (latest) one and when i tried the previous version it is running smoothly but the same issue that we can’t select anything in electronic shop. Kindly do the needfull
My device : Redmi note 7 pro 6gb ram

For new user who is showing bug car locked use /rewardveh _____vehcle name and and if u are in the car then use pocket and turn on your engine and turn off it will fixed your vehcle

So what do we want to do if we want to drive vehicle

Updated SA-MP version

June, 2020
By Russian team


  1. fixed menu
  2. fixed fall
  3. fixed stairs glitch /bug
  4. Fixed login issue

How to use

  1. Download obb file from above given link
  2. Install samp.apk from extracted zip file
  3. Extract /files folder inside /sdcard/android/data/com.rockstargames.gtasa/files
  4. Open and change your name in files/SAMP/SAMPOPTIMIZER.ini
  5. check this out for account related process
  6. reach out for android support here only, Other IORP official channels will not help you with android related issues.

Warning /bug
Vehicle warp problem so please don’t get in any vehcle or you will be jailed for no reason
I repet don’t use vehcle

Download link
Google Drive:
Password of zip file (for mediafire link only) : SAMPOPTIMIZER

I prefer to play on PC not on mobile this is only for small work when you don’t have PC and people saying for online then you can be online by using your mobile Not for roleplay

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Founded gltich of teleprotation hack

Please fix it soon
And scoond bug is electronic buying