Hello everyone, I had just got banned from a heavy English roleplay server that I’m not going to mention that community’s name, due to the fact that people might label it as server promotion. I find you guys very different and really unique apart from the 99.9 servers within the SAMP modification. But I’m still having a hard time on figuring out if this is a roleplay server or freeroam server. I have not got anyone on the Discord to really ask what this server is all about. I hope someone will reply here.

Ps:- I’m also from India and I look forward to meet others too!

Hello @SynZc

We are glad that you asked about it. I am going to explain that what is this server about and how you can enjoy or start here.

Indian Ocean Roleplay server is new type of game mode in SAMP, but it’s core structure is role play. In short term, it’s virtual life style game mode, where you can find most of the things you see in real world. Since San Andreas is all about Los Santos, San Fierro and Los Ventures, we do not have other cities or countries except few personal islands.

This is the list of only few best feature’s of server from 150+ systems that can help you to live your virtual life at IORP…

  • Voice Chat (Global, Local)
  • In game You tube music player
  • In game language translator
  • Game Zone (counter strike source, PUBG, Call of Duty, Skyfall)
  • House System
  • Business
  • Dealership
  • In built Alexa as your personal assistant
  • Factions (Law, Gangs, Medics)
  • Nuclear Launch Site (a massively built missile system that can fire up to 1000 missiles at a time, enough to destroy whole San Andreas xd)

Lot’s of other systems including some adult one 🙂

well so as you read about this server, it’s virtual life so you can have jobs, families, friends just like the real life. We update server daily to create the life of server as real one at our best. if you still have have any more confusion let me/us know.

You can join the server by creating your server account at

Thank you

Harry James

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