User Panel: Login/Registration/Forget web panel

as you can see this portal is live at

please use this post to write down you suggestions and idea’s to improve it.

Regards - Harry_James

we can take improvement suggestions only. it is not possible to remove it. due to verification.

We need to remove website registration


Website registration: It works good but it affects server population a lot, no one want’s to put the extra effort to make an account on the website then come in-game just to try a server, if someone already knows about the server then he would go to the website and do it otherwise a random player who find’s the server will just leave

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Add a note on registration that,

Players in-game password will be same as they used the password on to register if they use other password then i will show incorrect bcoz iorp registration change password which used to register…

the format for the forgotten password should be easy