Medical Injuries

Limit Player health for medical injuries so that trade of medical supply can increase.

Recently implemented and upgrading for better usage

Yeah but “WHO” is an organisation which deals with universal health care . It gives prevention techniques globally. The name i suggest should be SAMD “San Andreas medical Department”

Yes and also as per your suggestion we could make something like WHO (World Health Organization) faction or something like that.

Ya so medical shop should have Firstaid , PainKiller etc which can increase health , as a legal substance . But painkiller should have a very small effect on health and if taken more that 2 can cause hangover or something which can temporarily unconcious a player. And firstaid should have full effects on the health (so it should have a price of like 1000-2000 each?)

none, but this suggestion is for to make a medical shop and some treatments at hospital only. To make the server more real.

Injuries such: falling from bike, Falling from building etc.

Which medical supplies are availabe atm?