Removal of vehicles from dealership

Name - Virus

Suggestion - Remove some vehicles from the dealership which will give unfair advantage to players or it will be UNRP while roaming in those.
Vehicles - Luggage trailer A , Luggage trailer B, Stair trailer farm plow , utility trailer , Frieght carriage , Trailer 3 , Andromada , RC cacolored textm , All police vehicles , Newsvan (only for news faction , trailer 3 , Frieght flat , streak carriage , Kart , AT 400, RC tiger , Raindance (keep that only for rescue teams)] , Cargo (keep this only for army) , Nevada , Combine harvester , Streak , Frieght , vortex , Hydra (only for army), NRG only for VIP people, Cement truck , FBI truck ,HPV1000 , Hotring racer bloodring banger for only VIP’s , FBI rancher , News chopper only for news , Odzer , Rustler , Patriot only for army , RC raider, Sparrow only for FBI , Tram, trailer 2 , Flatbed , RC bandit , Seasparrow, Hunter only for army , Enforcer only for police] , Rhino only for army , barracks only for army ,trailer 1 , Ambulance only for Medical department ,Leviathan only for rescue team , Dumper Trashmaster firetruck

Note - Vehicles marked with color should be available to particular factions

Suggestion Accepted

We have taken your suggestion and implemented on our server.

Thanks for collaborating in IORP Development.

Vehicles id’s 435, 450, 584, 591, 606,607,608,610,611,592,594,601,596,597,598,599.582,577,573,574,571,570,569,564,563,557,556,552,553,548,544,539,537,538,532,528,530,524,520,523,519,512,513,514,515,511,504,502,503,501,497,488,586,476,464,465,460,455,449,448,443,441,437,435,432,433,430,431,427,425,417,416,408,407,406,403

Good suggestion, can you post model ID of vehicles instead, Then the action will be taken asap.