Forum Rules

  1. Foreign Language
    Do not speak foreign language in public boards or channels. English is our primary language.

    You can use private sections or private messages.

    Punishments: Message(s) removed, kick or warning.

  2. No Adult (NSFW) Content
    Do not post Not Safe For Work (NSFW) content on public boards, this includes all private sections, except private messages assuming the recipient is aware

    Punishments: Bannable offense.

  3. No Flaming or Insulting
    Do not insult, cause or encourage people to flame on the forums. Repeatedly being aggressive towards other players or members of staff will lead to your account(s) being suspended. Any act of racism, discrimination or sectarianism is strictly forbidden.

    Punishments: Message(s) removed, kick or warning . Varied on situation, offense may be bannable.

  4. No Illegal Content
    Absolutely zero illegal content such as torrents or other illegal material may be posted on these boards, no exceptions. Encouraging others to download or guiding them a path to illegal content without actually sharing it is also forbidden.

    Punishments: Bannable offense.

  5. Advertising
    Advertising other SA-MP servers ingame or on the forums will not be tolerated and your in-game and forum account will be banned. Using any method to lure players to abandon the server also falls under this rules

    Punishments: Bannable offense.

  6. Spamming or Off-Topic
    Post farming or posting unrelated/unnecessary information or content on any of the boards is frowned upon. We advise that you think before you post. Repeating the same thing over and over is not allowed.

    Punishments: Kick or warning. Varied on situation, offense may be bannable.

  7. Account Rules
    You are not allowed to share your in-game or forum account(s) with other members of the community.
    It is strictly forbidden to buy or sell your account or any in-game items your character has.
    You are not allowed to use other accounts whilst there is an active IP ban on any of your current accounts.

    It will lead to all your accounts being banned and obviously lower the chances of the original ban being lifted.

    Punishments: Bannable offense

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