Our aim is to provide Fun and Entertainment to players.Its the responsibility of the player to be up-to-date of the rules as the rules can change while the server develops more.
Below are the server rules and guidlines which will help us to achieve out aim .

Hacking, exploits, illegal modifications, advantageous modifications and cheats

  • All CLEO modifications which display information that is not normally available to other players is illegal

  • Aim alteration / aimbots / aim assist modifications are strictly prohibited

  • All game altering software is illegal (these include but are not limited to executable programs (.exe file extension) or CLEO based files)

  • Any gameplay that is advantageous over standard game play

Punishment- 3 days to permanent ban.

Deathmatching - Killing players without a valid reason .

This is often abbreviated as “DM” and people known for deathmatch rule breaking are often abbreviated as “DMer”. This includes attacking other players without a realistic in-character reason such as out of character conflicts and disputes. This includes repeatedly killing another player for the same reason (even if the reason was valid for the first kill).

Punishments - 20 minutes admin jail + 2 hours weapon restriction

Revenge Killing (RK) - As the name suggests , this is when you attack another player who has recently killed you - taking revenge. Once you die you are not allowed to attack the same player again and take in mind that you have forgot your memory till 30 minutes . For LEO’s and gangs its an exception only when they are IC’ly told that you were unconcious and there is a active situation going on , then and only then you can go back.

Punishment - Same as DM

Spawn Killing (SK) - This is when you attack another player when they spawn at the hospital. Players will only spawn at the hospital if they have died. You are not allowed to attack the player unless they attack you whilst near the hospital.

Punishments - Same as DM

Accepting death or Tabbed out method - his includes but is not limited to rejoining the server, minimizing (alt-tab) the game or leaving the game.

Punishments - Same as DM

Scamming & Robbing - Scamming is when you offer a service or product to another player for a price. Once you have received the payment, you do not deliver your end of the deal.

  • Players below level 5 can not be scammed nor can they scam other players

  • Scammer and anyone helping with the scam must be level 5 or above

  • Scammer cannot scam another player over $30,000


Robbing is when you force another player to give you something or you steal something from another player/ gang/ faction or group - this is often money

  • Players who are level 2 and below can not be robbed nor can they rob other players (you can only rob players level 3 or above)

  • Robber and anyone helping with the robbery must be level 3 or above aswell

  • You cannot rob over $10, 000 (this includes items worth over $10, 000)

  • You must give the other player at least 60 seconds before shooting them if they fail to pay

  • If a player is escaping the robbery before the 60 seconds are up, you may attack them.

  • You cannot rob the same person again for 3 hours.

Remember - If you are robbing or scamming , do it with proper Roleplay using /me and /do

Punishments- 20- 30 minutes jail + fine 20 % of total wealth

Car Ramming - It includes Car Parking that is parking you car over other person to kill him or ramming is not allowed IC’ly.

OOC advertisements - OOC ads which are not related IC’ly are not allowed .

For eg - Selling VIP

Gun Fear - You must value your life. If someone has a gun pointed at you, they are in control. You don’t know what that person’s intentions are and you must act as if your life is in immediate danger. Listen to them and do as they say. Some LEO’s might have special training to deal with these kinds of situations.

Common Sense - We all know that rules are designed to make sure the gameplay is as enjoyable as it can possibly be for all players. Just because something is not specifically mentioned in the rules does not mean it’s allowed. If your actions harm others, the server, or the gameplay in general you can be punished at the discretion of an administrator. We expect you to use a common sense!