Chatting Rules

Metagaming - Mixing or using OOC (Out Of Character) and IC ( In Character ) information.

  • Using abbreviations ( like Lol , Lmao , FFS , STFU etc) in IC chat is not allowed.

  • Using of OOC information during a RP is not allowed.

  • Use of /gc to express IC info is not allowed

  • Using /gc or /pm to call for backup or anything IC’ly is not allowed.

Language - You can only use English over IC and OOC chat.

Use global chat /gc for only questions related to servers in english only.
Insulting any player in /gc is not allowed.

Powergaming (PG) - Doing things IC’ly using /say /me /do which are not possible in real life .
For eg - /me picks up a house and throws it towards Harry_James.
If you have any doubt about PG during a RP then first ask in /gc .

WARNING! Violating any of these rules may lead to several forms of punishment (mutes, fines, imprisonments).