Issue's with the community and their solutions.

We have problem with IORP server, asking for everyone help to resolve it. you can place your solution on forum or contact on discord community server so that we can hear you and resolve it.

Problem: players not able to play 24*7

Cause: usage of computer

Solution: a upgrade is required to provide players to use their phone to play in server. apart from playing alexa will reach to you through notification so that you won’t miss anything in game and also able to execute commands in server without playing using alexa voice command.

Problem: Inactivity of players who is in community member list

Cause: unknown

Solution: unknown

Problem: players are not staying for long.

Cause: unknown

Solution: unknown

Problem: IORP server is inactive because of lot’s of fact. we want to hear your voices so that we can resolve this issue, meanwhile we have temporary solution for this issue.

Cause: Not able to reach all the players of samp

Solution: samp masterlist is way to reach players who don’t use website or discord. they just open samp and play. so we need financial support from everyone.

Need for financial support: Since the community is paying for servers + websites, we can’t afford the samp masterlist at our own and the community is also a open community. So we need donations from everyone who want us to be grow. samp master list charge 33$, so please donate us. We will be fully transparent to you that how much we have received.