You too pavan, Happy Diwali to you

  • I am a bit late xd

Ohh thats why I didn’t seen you for long time, btw HAPPY DIWALI

i have posted a application on Presidential Department

hiii i was having a big fever thats why i wasnt online these days how is everyone

Now on i will be active

ahhh Harry pls do somthing of my house
i need to go for Sleep IG but cant enter in my house bcoz its locked
what can i do, plss help me by setting my house to non-locked

Okk i am just waiting for my new connection to start streaming.

nope and nope for few months

Will you be streaming today.

I will show you when it comes

my gaming headphones are on their way. can’t wait… 😁

okk tell me in dm when done