Cooking and Glossary Concept

There should be real life events like, cooking in house, taking cooking items from various store’s.

There should be recipe to make something using required accessories.

Like cooking there should be some events like cleaning house, making bed, bathing, bathroom.

Some other real life or daily life events

Should add fridge to house so that it can be used to store cooked food etc.

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Priyanshu But once we’ll have a house, a business and 3 vehicles there is nothing in which money will be required so it will ba great fun and intresting.


it will be more fun if got added and players can spent their time in their house too, and it also will be next move to real-life server…

Disadvantages: Players Have to spend their money to maintain their house and purchasing Cooking and Glossary Items, plus we didnt got much money by doing only onw job…so it will lead to lack of money xD…