Suggestion on criminals

IG-Name: Tony_Stark
Suggestion: I think there must be something by which criminal after getting away from police can clear his wanted level other criminal can never get away by police which disnt happen in real life.
NOTE: Take action ASAP


All of this could be achieved by roleplay, no need of separate system.

Court Actions on Criminal

  1. Manage Jail Time
  2. Restrict play in a city
  3. Character Kill - mark to death

Court Actions on Property

  1. Transfer of property
  2. Cease property by government
  3. Make for resale

Court Actions on Car Case

  1. Transfer of ownership
  2. Cease car by government
  3. Mark to death
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Cases could be handled in court

File Case again any law or civilian person with custom description
Criminal Case by Law officer
Property/Business Related cases
Car ownership related cases

all the above cases should be filed first to resolved

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