Right after the World War II ended ,city was left in a great turmoil. with shortage of law enforcers in the city , crimes were on their peak, and there was very less to be done about it.There was a total bloodbath, people killing people under some renowned names of city, law enforcers were corrupt as there were no measures to check.
it was 1965, when President lowry carlson(then) came up with an idea of forming up an agency that could keep all the records of not only the activities throughout the city but also the records of citizens. Armed Forces and Police Department recruitment and record management was assigned to this agency and also the record of only legal gang in city The corleone family. a few veteran police man and army personnel were there in the agency when it all started back in 1965.
everything started seeming under control as every law enforcer was following an order to join the forces,still in this act of reformation of city everything wasn’t easy, but as the time passed by people started to follow the rules.and as the city reached late 1970’s , The Recruitment Agency was already a big part of system. for every new admission to SAPD or SAAF, applications were sent to agency, which were processed, checked and then decided. Corleone family was expanding and all the record was kept at the Agency. Mr.Lowry Carlson being the mind behind this Agency is still considered as father of the San Andreas Recruitment Agency and Mentor of the city that came very near to be called a Crime City.


as 1980’s arrived it looked like The corleone family can not stay as the only legal gang in San Andreas, there were 2 other gangs that formed during the 1970’s and were now emerging. The Front Yard Bellas and The Groove Street Family were there to stay. while the late 1980’s both these gangs had quite a big name and thus quarrels were a sure thing.BEllAS were attacked by Carl Johnson (GSF) along with his gang when the matter seemed heating up, following that there were many incidences that started to occur,There the goverenment decided to keep them in their teretorries.then in 1986 THE GROOVE STREET FAMILY and FRONT YARD BELLAS were rocogonised as legal gangs in the city.


Year 2002, Government received an information about attacks on San Andreas. The attacks were reported to be of big scale, causing mass destruction.on further investigation into the matter it came up that there was a terrorist group behind the ideas of attacks,4 suspects were held for investigation on the matter as they were found suspiciously walking the streets of the city. when the interrogation came to an end , it was known that not just anyone but a big terrorist organisation was behind these of the suspects broke down and blabbered out the whole plan.
Information about the city was ready to be sneaked out, and something even shocking came up that each and every single detail of the law enforcing organisations of San Andreas was to be leaked. the strength, the inventories , minor to minor details on the SAPD and SAAF was out for sale.
now the question was how did it happened, was there someone in government?
the information came through the legal gangs that some organisation tried contacting them for illegal entry to the city via seas, and that gave Government a hint that as the Gangs of the city afe contacted , this organisation must be having information about them, and that was contained only with the Recruitment Agency of San Andreas.
thus the answer came up, and it was a big surprise. The city had 2 of its own people who were ready to smuggle out the information. Personal Secratary to the president Kane smith and agent Steven sakar from the Recruitment Agency itself were found indulged. This gave The Government a huge blow, steps were taken and the attacks were prevented ,which is till date one of the biggest operations in the city.
it made Recruitment Agency change its measures to hire agents and their trainings, information on city was made more secure inside the agency.

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