Application Formats: for various applications

This topic contain’s various application format’s to post in the application section.

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Leave application for management - Format

Thread Title: Leave application by Roleplay_Name

What’s your current in-game name?: __________

how much leave, do you required?: __________

describe your reason for taking leave?: __________

you have to come back and report to community staff, when your leave is finish, do you understand?: __________

note: if permission is granted, your admin and management access will be restricted on IORP servers, once you report back to community staff, they will restore your account status to management.

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Update Name - Format

Thread Title: Update name Current_Name to New_Name

What’s your current in-game name?: __________

What name do you want?: __________

Why do you want to change your name?: __________

Did you applied before? (if yes then write date or write no): __________

current in game score:__________

current in game rp score:__________

note: you can not request for new name for next 3 months, choose your character name wisely.
once we have initiated character based roleplay upgrade to iorp. We will then not accept this requests further. Thanks

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