VIP Features

  1. Faction Locker
  2. Vehicle Spawn + Modification + Repair + Refuel
  3. Settings Control Panel
  4. VIP Announcement
  5. GPS Teleportation
  6. Teleportation using MAP
  7. Heal Player (Including yourself)
  8. Flaming Hand
  9. Ghost Rider Mode
  10. Set Weather
  11. VIP Chat
  12. Special VIP Only Location to visit
  13. 2x money on jobs and faction wage
  14. Custom House/Business Interior
  15. All Pocket commands can be accessed using Alexa
  16. Play music (any song)

Note: any vip player can request to add another feature in VIP Features
Price: $5 per month (100% refund guaranteed)
Renewal Price: 10% off on VIP Price
Payment Mode: Paypal or Paytm only

PayTm: Offline Merchant.png

Thanks with ❤ :iorp:

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