Administrator Application : Deadshot

What’s your in-game name?: Deadshot

What are your previous in-game names ?: Zombie

What’s your age?: 15

What’s your country?: India

What’s your Discord ID?: Deadshot#7455

In no less-than 150 words explain What interests you to join IORP admin team: Firstly, am a Indian,the server is also of India, so it would be nice of me being an Admin of Indian server in which I can trust other admins and they will trust me. Secondly, I have never being an Admin before and I want to be a Admin and experience the powers and duties of being the Admin.
You Should take me in staff because am a good person and am always cheerful to other players, I don’t abuse any commands or powers of the Server. I will be very helpful to you guys if you take me in the IORP Staff.

How would you describe yourself as a person?: I am very Good and obedient In terms of rules and plays. I am cheerful to my other companions and in good mood always.

What skills can you bring to the community of IORP?: I can help the server in enhancing more features, detecting bugs and helping to solve them, keeping the server clean and safe, and help other and new people if they have a Problem.

Do you have any administrative experience in other servers? If yes, explain briefly: Nope

Since when have you been playing SA-MP?: About 1 Year

In which timezone you’re mostly available?: GMT 5:30+

Do you have a working microphone?: Yes

Application Rejected

You are not eligible for staff membership. try again.

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