Taylor_Swift - Vice President Application

Name: Taylor
Date of Birth: 09/05/1998
Sex/Gender: Female
Age: 20
Hometown: Blueberry
Game Level: 10 +
Have you ever been arrested? [If so, please state why]: No
Do you have any history in working with Law Enforcement?[if yes please state]: Former Administrator Level: 3
State your contributions towards San Andreas. [if any] (100 words minimum):
As a former moderator I created many successful formats and also worked with The General of San Andreas Armed Forces & know all ends and outs of San Andreas and the server , which is why the President and I are going to make a great team! With my skills of up bringing the laws and factions of our community and Presidents leadership and 100% effort we can assure that the server will be taken care of for certain. To make a fair and reasonable community, and to assure the consteuctiveness of the server, I will preform many tasks, asked of me by the President and seperate tasks such as future research. I will see to whatever is needed to co-operate and support all Clan Leaders and Faction Leaders and also the Administrative Team to confirm a much better and properly operating Community.

Good luck taylor and we would surely make a great team.