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Rank 1: Leader/King
Member: Vacant

The Leader or King is the Boss of the clan. A King has two Jobs

  1. Command the Armies and Warchief
  2. Rest

Rank 2: Warchief
Member: Vacant

Warchiefs are like Caporegimes of a Mafia. They Take a Army to Attack other Clans and Keep an Eye on Village

Rank 3: Knights
Member: None

Knights are Special Soldiers who rides on a Horse and Attack Enemies. A Knight is the strongest Warrior. ((Leaders be advised… Please give this rank to only Great Shooters))

Rank 4: Archer
Member: None

Archers are Soldiers with arrows and a bow, They Attack from distance((Sniper))

Rank 5: Man-On-Arms
Member: Vacant

Man-On-Arms Seems a very strong word but Men-on-arms are Swords Man but not very skillful.They Obey Warchief and attack other Clans

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