Buggs Application For Administrative Team

What’s your In-Game Name?: Buggs

What were your previous In-game Names? (if you have any): Buggs (only)

What’s your age?: 18

What’s your country?: India

What’s your Discord ID?: Buggs#8056

In no less-than 150 words explain What interests you to join IORP admin team: I been playing IORP for quite a while and i know almost all the loopholes and hackers can come to play. This server is at its new stage and people will start come to play but not all the players who come to play are nice. You see, players have a tendency to hack and i dont blame them its because they are desperate to play the server and to progress it but its not right especially when someone who worked very hard to create a server. So the more eyes in the server the better the development scheme. What im trying to say is that if there are more stronger Admins the lesser the chance of hackers hacking the server Such as Teleportation Hack,Money Gainer, etc etc as they will fear of getting banned so they will play the game fairly even though its not the case of every hackers!. So i proudly want to help the server if it improves the development of the Overall server.

How would you describe yourself as a person?: Im a fun type of guy with a sense of humour and i am capable of entertaining people. But if there is a serous problem i will become dead-serious to react against it also depending on the situation. I dont have temper and almost all the people who i met likes me. I dont take it as a complement that im funny but at times where i need to be serious ill become dead-serious if you know what i mean. I am capable of doing anything and i believe that every work you do will have a reward in it even if its not huge it will satisfy me very much. : )

What skills can you bring to the community of IORP?: I have variety of skills from making a person laugh to look deep enough to find hackers. Im not saying im the best player in SAMP but i take care of my given job seriously and i will make the best out of it. I even had experience of being in the Administrative Team for the past 2 years and i do not require any high assistance unless if there are extra commands that have been implemented by the Owner. Plus i can assure you that ill take care of any job and i will complete at its maximum. Theres more but i like to keep it short and if you want more detail feel free to contact me.

Do you have any administrative experience in other servers? If yes, explain briefly: Yes, as i said in the above question i was in the Administrative Team for 2 years in 2 different servers. Im not going to say the Server’s names as it will be an Advertisement but i was preety good in the Administrative Team. Im not Joking im serious even though i might not look like i was in the Administrative Team and also i take it as a bonus. Why? Because many people think because of my attitude im not an admin but one time in another server where i is was admin i caught a hacker red-handed who was teleporting to me trying to be friends with me and at that time he didnt knew i was admin from the way i was talking on the server. Then later that day the hacker got banned. Theres more incidents like this but i figured it might be long so i decided to make it short.

Since when have you been playing SA-MP?: If i remember correctly i began playing SAMP since 2016.

In which Timezone are you mostly available?: (UTC +5:30) from 6pm to 11pm also it might vary on the day too.

Do you have a working Microphone?: Yes.

✌ Additional things✌

If you see a player hacking how would you react?: Firstly it depends on the type of hack hes using…

If hes using teleportation hack: i will kick him from the server and if he comes back again using teleportation hack i will ban him Or if im not capable of Banning a hacker i will report to nearest Admin who can take of him.

If hes using money hacks: i will ask where he got the money and if he doesnt lineup hes story right then i will ban him Or if i dont have the power to ban i will report to the available Administrator who can.

If hes using Weapon Hacks: i will kick him and if he still does Weapn hacks ill ban him Or if i dont have the power to ban i will report to the available Administrator who can.

If hes using vehicle hacks: Such as Color changing, additional items such as nitro,wheels,etc i will kick him and if he comes back to the server doing it again i will ban him Or if i dont have the power to ban i will report to the available Administrator who can. Also if hes using minor car mods such as ‘ELM’ etc i wont warn or take any action since it does not give any advantage whatsoever.

If hes exploiting the commands in the server: i will ask the reason for it and if he responds negatively or if he keeps doing it i will kick him and if extreme exploit is happening i will ban him/her Or if i dont have the power to ban i will report to the available Administrator who can.

If a player is Advertising other servers: i will ban him no questions asked and i will tell him to go on forums and let the Owner decide to unban or not.

If a player is annoying other player Via chat or any physical contact: i will tell him to stop and if he keeps doing it i will mute him or kick him depending on the nature of disturbance.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.✌☺

Best Wishes,

Thank you for the information i will try to achieve the necessary requirements and i will re-apply. Thank you

Application Rejected

Thank you for applying for administrative in Indian Ocean Roleplay but as per IORP rules for administrative, your application in not qualified for administrative position.

we request you to read this and apply again with full qualification.