ZOMBIE's Suggestion for More of S.W.A.T. Additional Features.



1- S.W.A.T. has the Basic Tactic of Breaking in the House and many times, Silent Killing.

A- I wanna get the Members Smoke Grenade (Tear Gas ID 17) as their Default kit when they take Weapons so that they can Break in the Area with throwing Tear Gas and Make it as a Shield.

B- For Silent Killing, Knife (ID 4) is the Best. I wanna get the Members Knife instead as Nightstick as Their Default kit when they take Weapons.

2- This S.W.A.T. Tank Has 2 main Features in the Single Player:-

A- The Tank Is Invulnerable From Bullets i.e. It is Bullet Proof.
B- The Tanks is Very Heavy and Cannot be pushed away By Ramming.

I Request to add both features in the Tank On our Server or at least add One of them.

Note: Hope this things get added.

Suggestion Not Accepted

Please contact the IG Function Manager to upgrade your Faction.
Thank you

This will not work if harry doesnt remove HUD