Event System: Kaun Banega Crorepati by Zombie


Suggestion: We can add A Money Quiz Event in our Server, it will help people earn money faster and they will also enjoy this event.

Question Format

In this Event, The player will be asked 16 Questions. The Questions will be of This Type ( Questions Based On real Life) and the Questions will have Four Options in which one of the Option will be correct. There will Be sixty Seconds to Attempt Each Question.
0_1539192018864_kbc registration question.JPG
If the player gives Right Answer Of the Question, He will Proceed to Next Stage and This will appear.

If the Player gives Wrong answer of the Question, He will Lose the Game and this will appear.

Payout (Money) Structure

The Money For Each Question will Be as Follow:-
Question Number - Money



1- Audience Pole
The Player will be given a Chart in which the Right answer Majority Graph would be Higher than the Other ones.
0_1539193502620_download (1).jpg

2- 50:50
Out of the Four Options Given, the Two Wrong Option will be Discarded and one right and one Correct Answer will be Left.

3- Flip The Question
If the Player doesn’t know the right answer of the Question, He can Change the Question One time.

4- Double Dip
The Player can give Answer of the Question Twice.

5- Power Paplu
The Player can use the Other Lifeline Again for one time that has been used Earlier.

Note: The player is Invited by Famous Indian actor Amitabh Bachchan.

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This KBC event is super
Who’s the host?
I wanted to say…
The question of IORP KBC should not be same as real KBC
In real KBC… 75% of questions asked are related to India
The questions in IORP KBC or we can call “Who’s gonna be the Millionaire” should be related to Gaming, Studies and World News(edited)
Examples :
The person on the hot seat chooses 3 games on which he has best knowledge
I choose Grand Theft Auto 5,Assassin’s Creed Ezio Triology and FarCry 3
The questions be like…
Who killed Brad?
(1)Dr.Friendlander (2)Dave Norton (3)Michael Townley (4) Trevor Phillips
Same with other games
Studies Q. Be like…(edited)
How many years mercury takes to complete 1 orbit around sun(edited)
World news Q. be like…(edited)
On what date, the president of north korea met president of USA?

Damn zombie great work here.

Suggestion Accepted

Note: Kaun Banega Crorepati is Indian television show aired by Sony Entertainment Television. Indian Ocean Roleplay give you many thanks from heart to suggesting this system. Our team will be work on it immediately and make it as soon as possible and will release it soon for all players of Indian Ocean Roleplay Servers.

Thank you for your valuable suggestion.

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Two words for this…
(1) great
(2) xD