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as per our p2p interactions and pre-planned upcoming updates vehicles gets resetted as we can’t keep them on server because they will cause unwanted lags to pc players and Crashes to android players. hence the once who went inactive/banned their cars get resetted which reduces these unwanted lags and crash on high scale. about houses they reset as well if you aren’t active as you have to visit your house in order to maintain the “Player motives” which will reset the duration of auto-reset of your house (Basically the thing which force you to visit your home if you’re active player of community). And these both things reset in two weeks only and only if not used, For cars: you need to drive it once every two weeks; For houses: you need to enter your house once every two weeks. If you do these then your properties won’t reset.

Note: Alexa always send two emails to notify you about reset of your properties before 48hrs and 24hrs of auto-reset. and as well as in #NOTIFICATIONS on discord.