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I got 1 order from Akash_Kumar 4000 gallons of petrol from IOPL to Flint country
petrol bunk

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  • Meet Nivas_Kumar In - Game to claim your status .
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The Status has been given to you in-game

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Name of faction (which you want to become leader) ? Indian Oil Pvt. Ltd

What’s your username ? Nivas_Kumar

What’s your username ? Nivas_Kumar

What’s your discord username ? nev_cj#2103

What’s your real life age ? 18

What’s your score in server ? 402

What’s your roleplay score in server ? 6342

Can you pass the roleplay test ? Yes,I can .

How long you have been playing samp as roleplay ? From 2020

When did you registered at ? 2020-12-02

Are you aware about iorp structure of gameplay ? Yes

Do you have experience in our law factions ? Yes

Do you have experience in our mafia factions ? Yes

Are you aware about our economical structure ? Yes

Do you have full knowledge of ? Yes

Describe yourself ? I am a kind person who cares and help others when they are in need of me. I like to play games from my childhood and it is a hobby too for me. I am good person , who supports everones thoughts and hard work. I like to do bussiness and take possible profit from it.

Tell us how you can help iorp as faction leader ? I could help in managing job applications and timeline in forum. I could guide workers in the correct way to work in accodingly in the faction to gain more profits than the usual. I will make and allot duties for each and every woker by promoting them. I will communicate with the works to bring up there views towards the improvement of the faction. I like to provide jobs to the new people as they are in need of money and teach them RP and other skills in the server. I will make arrangements for regular meeting to know their views. The promotions are given on the basis of their work and experience in the faction. And too guide them to survive in the city. I can also provide them their starter training in the fraction. And provide developments in the fraction. I can help in managing the work and other thing in the faction to run the city peacefully.