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  • Application For Joining SAPD

    OOC Player Information
    In-Game Name: JeffrishDoni
    In-Game Score: 230
    In-Game RP Score: 6315
    In-Game Experience Points: __

    In-Character Applicant Information
    Surname: Doni
    Forename: Jeffrish
    Date of Birth: 1.1.2004
    Place of Birth: Jefferson Hospital
    Place of Residency: Near Ganton
    Nationality: United States

    About you
    Why do you believe you are a suitable applicant: I am best at catching robber and I can also control guns very easily and I can catch criminals who robbed the shops and I am best at driving cars and bikes so i believe that I am suitable for this job
    Explain why you wish to join the SAPD: The city now have lot of robbery and crimes and the current police are trying their best to stop their crimes and protect the city from those mafias. so i would try my best and will protect the city from the mafias. And i am good at aiming and have some great skills in driving, so i would do my best in chasing the criminals.
    Explain why you should be picked over to the SAPD: The Police department is the most respectfull department after the govt dept . They are the one who would even give their life to protect the city and civilians from all danger. But there is a huge demand of those legends as the mafias are increasing rapidly in our city. I wish i could fill that vaccancy and earn from that prestigious job .I left my old faction SAMD and did RP practise from my friend (Mohamed Navith,Rahul_Charan) , in order to become a police
    Do you have a Google Mail (Gmail) account: Yes,
    By your own words, can you Describe what is Role-play: simulate real life situations and allow you to act out what you want to do in a real situation
    By your own words, can you Describe what is Metagaming: Metagaming is a strategy action or method used in a game which transcends a prescribed ruleset uses external factors to affect the game.
    By your own words, can you Describe what is Power-gaming: is basically doing unrealistic actions, which we wouldn’t normally do in real life.
    By your own words, can you Describe what is Death-match: we should not kill any players unnecessary.
    By your own words, can you Describe what is Revenge-kill: if some one kills me in rp situation and i should not revenge them by killing.
    By your own words, can you Describe what is In-Character: in character means we should not talk about out of character we should behave like a game character and we should think like that character
    By your own words, can you Describe what is Out-of-Character: it means that you are not actually making a post for your roleplay you are speaking directly to your partner
    What would you do if you caught any criminal?:** According to the law & rules, i will give punishment (jail or fine) to he/her based on he/her crime.
    What are the cop protocols you will follow after catching criminal?:
    (Jail)-I will take him to Police Department, as per rp i will do my rp scenario and jail he/her. (Fine)- i would have fine them and warn them to not do it anymore.
    What would you do if mafia takes someone as hostage when you’re alone? (Call backup / Use your skills and kill mafias by rushing on them)?:
    i would try to call my partners for backup, if that is not possible i would try to rush them becuase there is no other way.

    What would you do if mafia kills you while on-duty? (Take revenger and kill him / seek for other cops to take action by collecting evidences)?
    i will hire a cop & collect some evidences and give it to him.

    What would you do if someone continuously killed many civilians? (Catch him and let civilians to kill him / snatch his weapon license and arrest him)?
    i will seize (snatch) his weapon license and do my duty as a cop (arrest him)

    Additional Applicant Information
    In-Game Cellular Number: 88329756

    Discord id (with #): Jeffy#0815
    Screenshot of your Weapon License: sa-mp-131.png
    Screenshot of your weapon specialist degree: sa-mp-130.png
    Screenshot of your profile: Screenshot 2022-01-16 213808.png
    Applicant’s Signature: Jeffrish
    *application will be submitted to current SAPD Leader

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  • Application for rejoining as helper

    Character name : Sai_Kumar
    Rank : HELPER ,
    Ive applied for leave 21 days back for preparing for my final exams as they were stopped for now i would like to join back and help our community…

    Link of post regarding leave:-


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  • Leave application

    IG name : Adi_Kumar
    why u want leave : For college exams, the semester exams are intarnal-tutorial-practical-theory. It takes a minimum of 1 month to complete all the exams.
    How many days leave : 1 month

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  • RE: Fuel Order

    @sanjit_kumar payment doneIMG_20211210_102311.jpg

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  • Fuel Order

    Applicant Name: Adi_Kumar

    Discord ID (optional): MARCTO#1292

    Delivery Preference (Urgent or Normal): urgent

    Location of pickup: IOPL (Indian oil Private Limited)

    Location of drop: Idlewood Fuel station

    Type of goods (Fuel or Stock): FUEL

    List of goods to be transported :-

    name: Fuel , quantity: 4000

    posted in SATD: Goods Request

    What’s your current in-game name?: Sai_Kumar

    how much leave, do you required?:
    20 days of leave i.e (10/12/21-30/12/21)

    describe your reason for taking leave?: I have final exams coming up on 20th dec. Due to that I am not able to spend my evening hours (when I come from scl) ig like before…I get online classes after coming up from scl for revision…and I haven’t covered my syllabus too …for the exams…but I will make sure by promising you that … I will surely handle my works in discord as well as forums …and manage my faction as well …and in case of emergencies surely I would be ig …

    And I make sure that after I return back …I will serve my faction and helper works also …

    And I hope you would understand our current situation and permit us a leave …

    you have to come back and report to community staff, when your leave is finish, do you understand?: Yes sir , sure

    note: if permission is granted, your admin and management access will be restricted on IORP servers, once you report back to community staff, they will restore your account status to management.

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  • Adding Custom Events & Objects For Christmas

    Name : Jeffrish_Doni

    Suggestion :

    Providing Xmas trees on streets for Christmas, will get a great look for this exciting christmas.

    Adding games, finding a mysterious giftbox in the map. the giftbox will cause some exciting rewards.

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  • RE: Joining iopl faction


    • your status will be granted shortly.
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  • RE: Application For Joining SAMD


    Your Status will be granted shortly .

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  • RE: Mobile players Can't eat or access anything by pressing enter or F

    @Priyanshu_Aggarwal I also face this situation at fuel station , I can’t access my fuel station

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