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  • Now you can apply for SAPD.
  • Kindly NOTE that if you found misusing SAPD Features, you will be restricted to join any Cop faction and will be unable to apply for mafia back as you used this chance to get into SAPD(cop faction) so now you can not switch to mafia.
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  • Reason: from the start you always did this to get more score, later when we updated alexa to ban those who does this you got banned for this and you said the same as now, in your screenshot it is written (no unban request will be accepted) so we are not going to reduce your unban time, however @IORP is requested to decrease Sanjai_Joyal’s RP Score by 6k as punishment for Farming RP Score.

  • NOTE: Alexa monitoring those who does this kind of things so, if alexa detected you she will Decrease your score and Ban you for at least 2days(depend of how much score farmed), no unban request will be taken on these kind of ban. Management will not answer any of msgs regarding these bans by Alexa.

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You are welcomed for this :d

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  • But we need help for getting lady skin ids from players of respective faction to get it implemented within a day
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Feb 28, 2021

Today chief were in city and searched for criminals, he was happy to see that there are no crimes in the city after his Cop Arvind_Kali caught last criminal, that was a good moment for him as when he notified cops arvind catched the criminal. But today SAPD Leader Priyanshu_Aggarwal noticed no one is updating timelines daily even the chief so he demoted Chief by two ranks now Chief is demoted to rank Deputy Chief Of Police, AND he demoted Sanjay_Prajapati to rank Inspector as well, and rest of the Cops are on lowest rank. Leader decided to kick those who are not active and posting timelines in upcoming two days.

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  • postrd in wrong section
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  • we are not in need of helpers currently.
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  • Already rehected and applied twice