The Iroquois are a historically powerful northeast Native American confederacy.

Somalis are an ethnic group that live in the Horn of Africa.

In the absence of a police force, the clan was the primary force of security in Norse society, as the clansmen were obliged by honour to avenge one another.

The Sippe came to be a cognatic, extended family unit, exactly analogous to the Scottish/Irish sept.

A Scottish clan is a kinship group among the Scottish people.

Turkic people who mainly inhabit the southern part of Eastern Europe and the Ural mountains and northern parts of Central Asia.

Patrilineal and patrilocal group of related Chinese people with a common surname sharing a common ancestor and, in many cases, an ancestral home.

The Cherokee clans are traditional social organizations of Cherokee society.

The tribes of Arabia are the clans that originated in the Arabian Peninsula.

Baloch people co-inhabit desert and mountainous regions along with Pashtuns.